About us

SimpleFoods was created by established Los Angeles based personal trainer Fred Khorshidi in a Beverly Hills private home. Fred began preparing meals for a few of his clients who wanted to eat clean, fresh food but did not have the time to shop and cook for themselves on a regular basis. “Clients would always ask me about diet deliveries but none of them matched up to my standards of quality, so I offered to cook their food for them.” Within a week Fred had six people on his plan and quickly realized he would need assistance going forward to balance cooking with his personal training. After speaking with Fred about what he was doing for his clients, long time friend Carly Hoftman asked to partner with him in the business. She believed in his vision and high nutritional standards. Carly has always had a strong interest in leading a healthy lifestyle and has been creating nutritious recipes at home for years so the partnership came together perfectly. Eight months later SimpleFoods was formed.

SimpleFoods is a low- sodium, calorie conscious diet. All food is unprocessed, shopped for and prepared daily from scratch by expert chefs. They pride themselves on their clean, high quality food that consistently maintains great taste.